Can I pause new prospects from being contacted?

I want to stop the bot from sending out to new prospects but continue with the queued follow-up emails. Is that possible?

If you want to make sure the prospects are going to receive coherent email sequences, before a major change in the sequence or before pausing the bot for a longer period of time, then a good way to do it is to pause only first emails of a sequence.

This works the best if you do it a couple of days (depending on how many days a full sequence for you is) before you are going to actually pause the bot or change the email sequence.

How to pause all initial emails and not follow-ups

Head over to Sequences and then the specific sequence you want to pause the first email.

On the upper left corner of the first template, there should be a box for you to uncheck (see image below). Uncheck that box and make sure the follow-up emails are checked as usual.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.24.21