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Create a list of companies and contacts to block

Blocking companies and people for the bot to not contact

Unless you have special integrations with CRMs (read more here) then you need to make sure you have blocked the companies and/or people you don't want our bots to contact in your Company settings. There are different levels to block someone and you can learn more about those down here below.

1. Clients

To avoid contacting your clients then an easy way to block these is to export your database of clients to Excel and just copy paste their company name to the box of Clients. 

Make sure the spelling is correct and that you have one company name per row.

2. Companies to avoid

Besides clients, you can block other companies on based on their company names as well. This is important if you are in conversation with companies who are not clients yet. It can also be the company names of your competitors or suppliers. 

Regardless the reason, make sure you block the other companies by name here. 

Tips and tricks!

You can also try to exclude your own industry when you are creating your targeting to minimize the risk of having the bot contacting a competitor.

3. Domains to avoid

If you want to then you can also choose to block a company based on their domain instead. This is a good option if the spelling of a company name can vary a lot.

4. Email addresses to avoid

Perhaps you want to block specific individuals? This can be a good option if you have already been in contact with someone in a company and want to avoid contacting them again. In that case, just add their email address instead of the whole company. Just make sure you haven't added the company name in any of the previous three options since this will mean the whole company will be blocked regardless.