Create a targeting

How do I setup my own targeting?

Step 1. Targeting name

This is only visible for internal uses within the users in your company account. You are free to name the targeting whatever you want but we recommend choosing something to help you gain a quick overview on what kind of prospects you are aiming for. This is to help if future bots is to use the same targeting with our "Share existing targeting"-function which you can read more about here

Step 2. Locations

This is where you choose where these decision-makers are located. Keep in mind this is on a prospect-level and not company-level meaning it's not based on where the company is located. E.g Company A has their HQ in Sweden but their Marketing Manager is located in Finland.

Step 3. Positions

After choosing the locations of these prospects it's time to select what kind of titles they have e.g. CEOs, Head of Sales, COO etc.

After you have entered a title then just hit 'Enter' and add another one.

To help you with the huge volume of different, but still very similar titles, we have a built in function where we can identify the synonyms of the more common titles for multiple languages but we always recommend adding as many as you can think of.


Keep in mind that spelling here is very important!

Step 4. Industries

Here we have a list of 200+ industries to choose from. If you have no preference whatsoever then just leave the field empty and the bot will search through all industries otherwise feel free to choose the industries that applies to your targeting group.

We always recommend going wide with the industries and start narrowing down along the way if you feel there are too many irrelevant industries. 

Tips and tricks!

If you want to exclude a smaller number of industries then choose 'Select All' and start deselecting the specific industries automatically uploaded for you.

Step 5. Number of employees

All group of employees are initially chosen for you however if there are groups you want to deselect then just hit 'x' at the corner of each grouping.

Step 6.

When you are done then just hit 'Create" and there you go! Don't worry, you can always edit your targeting whenever you want. Just select the bot of your choice and head over to Targeting > Edit targeting.