Does work in Germany?

Can we use your platform to send out cold emails to companies and prospects in Germany?

This type of sales and marketing tool is governed by an EU common law, better known as the GDPR. In addition, each country regulates these types of activities differently strictly with national legislation and marketing laws.

Qualifier's legal department is constantly updated on legislative changes in the area and keeps a close eye on whether practices change in this area of ​​law.

The country that has chosen to go the furthest in terms of having strict rules regarding the GDPR in particular is Germany. Germany has applied for something called "Double Opt In" and requires extremely clear evidentiary requirements that the person in question who is contacted via E-mail must have approved this in writing before sending an email. For this reason, Qualifier has decided to completely omit Germany as a market and does not recommend any of our customers to process that market for the reasons mentioned above.

For more information on this or other questions regarding the GDPR, please contact our Legal Department at