Here are some troubleshooting tips for when connecting your email does not work.

1. Credentials

Are you absolutely certain you've entered the right credentials? This is often the case and can happen to the best of us.

2. Firewall

If you have, problems might lie with your server being behind a firewall and unreachable from the Internet. Without access to your email servers Nylas (and through them Qualifier) can't send nor receive emails. 

3. IMAP Support Disabled

3.1 IMAP Support in Gsuite/Google Apps

Sometimes you'll see the error message "IMAP is not enabled for this Google Apps account." To solve this, the administrator of the Gsuite/Google Apps account will have enable IMAP for users. Read more here.

3.2 IMAP support for individual accounts

IMAP support can be disabled in Gmail. If it is, Nylas does not get access to your emails. Steps to turn in back on:

Settings (cog wheel) > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Enable IMAP

Contact us at for more information on how to take action if you weren't able to solve your problem using these troubleshooting tips.

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