• One-way integration
    This is always included in all our plans. With the one-way integration you BCC your CRM so all emails sent out from your bots will be logged in the system. The BCC-field can be found under "Profile".

    To retrieve your company’s BCC-address then you need to talk to your CRM-provider.
  • Two-way integration
    Our two-way integration is available at an additional charge. The two-way integration allows all emails sent out from your bots to be logged in your CRM but without the BCC-address as well as allowing Qualifier to synchronize with your database of companies in your CRM, automating the block-lists for you without you having to manually update “Clients” and “Companies to avoid”.

    We currently offer two-way integrations with Upsales, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Hubspot.

    To add a two-way integration to your plan contact your Account Manager at Qualifier.

    If your CRM-system is not on the list then you are welcome to contact us at support@qualifier.ai and we will try and help you anyway! 
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