How often do I need to review the prospects?

When does a new prospect appear in review and do I need to check the list every day?

You can review the list as often as you feel necessary! It all depends on your chosen settings and preference. Our goal is for you to never have to visit the review page. If you feel you can trust us – great! If you want full control however, reviewing prospects is a great way of ensuring that.

As a general rule, the list of prospects will show you the amount of people which will last you for around 3 days. 

User A has chosen to contact 30 prospects per day with Bot A. The list of prospects will contain 90 names.

This means that you would need to review at least once every three days depending on how many prospects you have rejected.

The list will also be updated regularly. New prospects will appear when old ones have been rejected or contacted. Sometimes the bot might lag behind ever so slightly, meaning there will be less than the regular number of prospects available for reviewal. Wait a few hours and check back and new prospects should have arrived.

Tips and tricks!

If you still want to be sure you never miss out on reviewing a prospect then you can choose the option "Require review of all prospects" under the settings for the bot. Read more about it here.