Importing your own list for bot to contact

Can I upload my own list of people and companies for the bot to contact?

Yes! There are two ways to do this where one is more accurate than the other. It all depends on how much data you have available on your end.

1. List of names and companies

If you have your own list of names and companies you want our bots to find the email address to and contact for you then you can send the list as a CSV to and we will help you upload this list for you. Don't forget to specify which bot it is for.

Send us a CSV with the following information:

  • First and last name (can be separate columns or the same)
  • Company


There should be one name per column regardless if you want to contact multiple people from that company. Make sure to separate these!

From here the bot will use our algorithm to search for the email addresses of these contacts and present them under the list of prospects whenever it's ready and proceed with the emailing as per usual.

2. List of companies

If you don't have the names of the people you want to reach out to but only the ideal companies then we can do this search for you as well however the process differs a bit. Here we will add an additional criteria backend for your regular targeting where we only search for results which matches that certain list of company names. 

Send us a list of company names with one company per row and we will help you with this. Don't forget to specify which bot it is for.


This search is not as accurate as our regular prospecting and as the list where we also have the name of the individuals to be contacted therefore we can't guarantee the number of matches to be found.