Integrate Qualifier with CRM

Can I integrate the data from Qualifier with my CRM?

Yes depending on your CRM-system!

Advantages for integrating your CRM with Qualifier includes: all emails sent out from your bots to be logged in your CRM as well as allowing Qualifier to synchronize with your database of companies in your CRM. This will automate the list of companies and clients to avoid since we would be able to retrieve this information from your CRM.

There are two ways to integrate the data from the bots to your CRM. You can find more information regarding those two here below.

1. BCC (Included in all plans)

By sending copies of all the emails from Qualifier to your CRM, you can always have them logged on your end as well if you ever need the information for future usages. 

In Qualifier we offer all our users the ability to connect their emailing with the bots with your CRM as long as your system offers BCC-ing.

Click here for our setup guide.


The exact data that will be logged or how the email/contact information will be logged depends on the provider. The BCC-functions of these CRMs are not developed by Qualifier therefore we recommend contacting your provider if you want to know more about BCC-emailing.

2. Integrate Qualifier with your database of contacts (Add-on service)

If you want to have your Qualifier account automatically synced with your database of contacts then our specially built integration with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Upsales might be something for you. 

With this, you don't have to worry about manually updating your lists of companies or contacts to avoid. This is great if you are working with sales on different channels, e.g both on Qualifier as well your own cold-calling etc. This way you can avoid having the bots contact the same people of companies that are already being contacted by the rest of your team.

Currently this only works for Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Upsales, Lime GO and Microsoft Dynamics, but we are open to discuss future integrations with different platforms.

To read more about these, head over to our Smart Features-section > CRM Integrations.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you provider is not included on here.