Integrate with Upsales

How do I integrate Upsales with Qualifier?

For our integration with Upsales we will block all companies that:

  • Has an ‘opportunity’ attached to it.
  • Has an activity on them in the last 1-18 months (you can decide this yourself in your Qualifier settings once the integration has been completed).
  • Is marked as ‘customer’.

The block is done on company-name.

To fulfill the integration we will transfer your Qualifier-leads to your Upsales account:
-If the prospect/company already exists in Upsales we will dress that company.
-If the prospect/company does not exist in Upsales we will create a new lead.

Information about the prospect that will be transferred:
-Name of the company
-Company website
-Company owner

If you are interested in purchasing this integration then please contact your customer success manager with your request and they will brief you regarding the pricing.