Require review of all prospects

How can I make sure I will have the chance to review all prospects before the bot sends them an email?

We aim to automate all of the emailing processing for our users but sometimes reviewing prospects before emailing is a requirement for some. This is why we have added a feature for you to activate where the bot will automatically stop emailing when the list no longer has prospects which have been previously approved even if the bot itself hasn't been paused.


Don't forget to approve the list of prospects whenever it's time to do so otherwise you will lose days worth of emailing.

Turn on the Requirement for Reviewal

Go to the specific bot and then Settings for it. Make sure you tick the box as seen below.

How it works

When the list of prospects has not been approved the bot will stop emailing and you will receive an automatic email telling you it's time for reviewal. From there you need to review the complete list and approve on the top (see image below). 

Keep in mind the bot still has to be started and active in order for the emails to be sent! You start the bot on Overview.

When the approved prospects have been contacted, the bot will pause again and a new automatic email will be sent. 


You need to review the full list before approving. If you only review parts of it and still approve the list then the bot will still send out emails as it will count the rest of the prospects as reviewed.