Shared targeting vs. New targeting

What is the difference between the two and which one should I choose?

When creating a new bot you can choose to either creating a completely new targeting or share a targeting with a previously made targeting saved under your company account. Which one you should choose depends on how you are planning to use the new bot in question. 

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Find more information on the two options below.

Shared targeting

If you are more than one user from your company then there might be instances where everyone or some of you want to have the exact same targeting as one another. If so, then this is an excellent choice if you want to save time when creating your new bot.

This means that only one of you need to create an initial targeting, name the targeting so everyone else know which one to choose later on. 


Keep in mind that if you choose to share a targeting then you can’t unlink them later on meaning that changes in one bot will always affect the other bots as well.

To "unlink" bots then you need to archive the bot(s) and create a new one. If you plan to separate the targeting in the future then we recommend creating a new targeting from the start.


To choose a previously made targeting, just scroll through the list and find the one you wish to use for the new bot and click "Select existing targeting".

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New targeting

If you want to create a new targeting for your new bot then creating a new targeting from scratch is recommended. Just select the green button and from there you will be able to set your criteria as per usual.

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