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What is Nylas and how does it work?

I'm trying to connect my email with Qualifier but something called Nylas is asking me to allow them to access my account. What is that?

What is Nylas?

Connecting with Nylas is a requirement to be able use our platform. Nylas is our email API enabling us to send out emails to the prospects on your behalf and how we're able to track when someone replies to your email (so we can stop sending out follow-up emails).

Is it safe to connect with Nylas?

When you connect with Nylas then you will receive a pop-up asking you to allow access parts of your email account such as your inbox, sent folder and calendar.

This might be a bit scary for some people but it is completely safe and you can read more about Nylas' privacy policy here and their security policy here if you want to learn more about how they work with their processing of data and the security around it.

If you however are still worried when it comes to Nylas then a suggestion is to create a separate email account for only Qualifier-purposes and make the connection with that account instead.

Why do I need to connect with Nylas?

As mentioned above, in order to be able to send out the emails from your email account and receive them for you, connecting with Nylas is a requirement since this allows us to send and receive the emails from and to your own email-servers. 

Is it safe to use Qualifier?

Yes. We at Qualifier have our own servers, through Google, located in Amsterdam and the ones with Nylas in Ireland.

This has been done to make sure that we are fully compliant with the latest changes in GDPR which were implemented in August 2020.

You can also read more on how Qualifier comply with GDPR here and our compliance with Google API Services User Data Policy here.

Feel free to reach out to us at support@qualifier.ai if you have any further questions about Nylas.