Why is my bot not sending out any emails?

My bot has stopped to send out emails for no reason. How do I fix this?

The most common reasons for why a bot is not emailing the prospects are:

  • The bot hasn't been started yet
    Check under "Overview" to see if the bot has been started yet or not. If not, then just press "Start" and you are good to go.
  • List of prospects not approved
    If you have activated the "Require review of all prospects"-feature then perhaps you have not approved the list of prospects yet. Head over and make sure approve for the bot to start sending.
  • No active sequences
    You can check under “Sequences” to make sure you have at least one active sequence for the bot to be able to send out emails.
  • Out of credits/Interested or expired plan
    Contact your Customer Success Manager and we will help you.
  • Sync is paused due to lost connection between servers
    To reconnect with our server again, just login to your account and the synchronization will resume.
  • Out of prospects
    If your targeting is too narrow then the bot might have difficulties finding more prospects based on the current targeting. A suggestion here is to widen your targeting by adding a few parameters. If you need help then you are welcome to contact your Customer Success Manager or support@qualifier.ai.

If you have checked all these steps and the bot still doesn't work then contact us at Support and we will help you.